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Military History and Uniforms
Modern Naval Craft Full set of 50 cards (1939)

Modern Naval Craft  Full set of 50 cards (1939) at The Book Palace

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A complete set of 50 (1 to 50) cards in very fine and better condition. Excellent artwork.

Modern naval craft from around the world, including HMS Hood, HMS Repulse, HMS Adventure, HMS Warspite, HMS Nelson, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Hood, Admiral Graf Spee (Germany), Bolzano (Italy), Algerie (France), Saratoga (USA), Leningrad (USSR), Akagi (Japan), and many more.

Each card also has a text description on reverse.

Cards in Very Fine condition.

Publisher: John Player & Sons, 1939 (Out of Print)
Number of pages: 50
Format: Soft Cover; Full Colour illustrations
Condition: VF - Very Fine

Price:  35.00
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