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Comet Comics Set: 1947 - 1956 (7 issues)

Comet Comics Set: 1947 - 1956 (7 issues) at The Book Palace

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A collection of 7 Comet comics ranging from 1947 - 1956.

The Comet was a weekly British comics periodical published by J.B. Allen and later Amalgamated Press and Fleetway Publications from 20 September 1946 to 17 October 1959.

Initially a children's newspaper, The Comet was transformed into a boys' adventure comic in May 1949 by editor Edward Holmes when J.B. Allen were purchased by Amalgamated Press. Also known as Comet Comic, The Comet Adventure Weekly, Comet Weekly and simply Comet as various points the title continued until October 1959, reaching 580 issues before being merged with another AP boys' comic, Tiger.

Billy Bunter - Reg Parlett, George Parlett, Tom Laidler, Reg Bunn, C. H. Chapman
Jungle Lord - Reg Beaumont
Sally Bright - Bob Wilkin, David Williams
Riff and Raff the Lads of Our Village - H. Cornell
Christine and Patch the Circus Starlets - H. Cornell
Jimmy and Jacko the Merry Monks - H. Cornell
Round the World in the Flying Fish - David Williams
The Circus of Sandstep - Arthur Catherall
Treasure Island - Bob Wilkin
The Purple Sunflower - Laurence Gill
The Three Musketeers - Bob Wilkin
The Golden Scarab - Reg Beaumont
Scamp - Fred Robinson
Splash Page - Alex Oxley
Shorty the Deputy Sheriff - Hugh McNeill, Eric Bradbury, Reg Parlett
Dr. Pennyfeather - Denis Gifford
Buck Jones - Reg Bunn
Don Deeds - R. W. Plummer
Buffalo Bill - Fred Meagher, Geoff Campion, Derek Eyles, Steven Chapman, Patrick Nicolle, Fred Holmes, Jesús Blasco, Colin Merritt, Alejandro Blasco, Francisco Hidalgo, Eugenio Giner, Romero, Julio Vivas, Adriano Blasco, Edward Drury
Nelson - Eric Parker
Claude Duvall - Fred Holmes, Eric Parker, Pat Nicolle
Chuckle Club - Rodger
Phantom of Gravestones Grange - Eric Parker
Strongbow the Mohawk - Geoff Campion, Stephen Chapman, Graham Coton, Robert Forrest, Philip Mendoza, Colin Merritt, Patrick Nicolle.

Each comic 8 - 16 pp in FN condition.

Publisher: Hulton Press, 1947 - 1956 (Out of Print)
Number of pages: 8+
Format: Soft Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 9" x 12" (240mm x 310mm)
Condition: F - Fine

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