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Arturo del Castillo
Il Cobra Story 6 ~ COMPLETE 12 Page Story (Originals) (Signed)

Il Cobra Story 6 ~ COMPLETE 12 Page Story (Originals) (Signed) by Arturo del Castillo at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: CastilloIl01 (Click for LARGE picture)

Complete 12 page story

Artist: Arturo del Castillo (biography)
Medium: Pen & Inks on Board
Size: 11" x 16" (280mm x 400mm)
Date: 1975
Signature: Signed by artist page 12 last panel

These are the Signed unique original Pen & Ink drawings by Arturo del Castillo.

This a unique opportunity to own a complete 12 pages of original art from a story of Il Cobra. All the pages are clean and display his detailed and precise pen and ink work at it's very best.

del Castillo became famous for his skilful and detailed penwork, and in particular for his cross-hatching technique. In the late 1950s, del Castillo drew a number of comic strip adaptations of Alexandre Dumas' novels, such as The King's Musketeers, which first appeared in Film Fun and was then reprinted in Lion Comic, and The Man in the Iron Mask that also appeared in Fleetway's Lion Comic.

However, his main subject and greatest love, was always that of the western. One of his earliest western characters - Ringo - appeared in the last three editions of Top Spot (January 2nd, 9th and 16th 1960). Whilst Dan Dakota - Lone Gun appeared in Ranger comic. He also contributed at least one story to Cowboy Picture Library - CPL 467: Ghost Town.

In the mid-sixties, he participated in the "Bande Dessinée et figuration narrative" exhibition in Paris. The exhibition was held at the Musée d'Art at the Louvre.

Del Castillo refined his graphic style even further and other important works followed. By the 1960s he was producing westerns: Garret (1962 - scripts by Ray Collins: pseudonym of Argentinian writer Eugenio Zappietro); Dan Dakota, Kendall (sheriff of Dodge City), Larrigan (reprinted in both Fleetway's Lone Rider Picture Library and Cowboy Picture Library nos. 455, 463, 467. In 1974, again with Ray Collins he created Il Cobra, and with Oesterheld Loco Sexton. Arturo del Castillo retired in 1989 and died in Buenos Aires in 1992.

Click for larger image of each page ...
Il Cobra Story 6 page 1
page 1
Il Cobra Story 6 page 2
page 2
Il Cobra Story 6 page 3
page 3
Il Cobra Story 6 page 4
page 4
Il Cobra Story 6 page 5
page 5
Il Cobra Story 6 page 6
page 6
Il Cobra Story 6 page 7
page 7
Il Cobra Story 6 page 8
page 8
Il Cobra Story 6 page 9
page 9
Il Cobra Story 6 page 10
page 10
Il Cobra Story 6 page 11
page 11
Il Cobra Story 6 page 12
page 12

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Price:  1,650.00
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Arturo del Castillo

Arturo del Castillo at The Illustration Art Gallery