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Peter Jackson
Belshazzar's Feast (Original)

Belshazzar's Feast (Original) by Peter Jackson at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: JacksonFeastLL (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Peter Jackson (biography)
Medium: Gouache on Board
Size: 28" x 15" (715mm x 380mm)
Date: 1964

This is the unique original Gouache painting by Peter Jackson.

The story of the writing on the wall (chapter 5 in the Book of Daniel) tells how Belshazzar holds a great feast and drinks from the temple vessels. A hand appears and writes on the wall. The terrified Belshazzar calls for his wise men, but they are unable to read the writing. The queen advises him to send for Daniel, renowned for his wisdom. Daniel reminds Belshazzar that his father Nebuchadnezzar, when he became arrogant, was thrown down until he learned that God has sovereignty over the kingdom of men.

Belshazzar had likewise blasphemed God, and so God sent this hand. Daniel then reads the message and interprets it: God has numbered Belshazzar's days, he has been weighed and found wanting, and his kingdom will be given to the Medes and the Persians.

Original artwork for illustration on pages 12-13 of The Bible Story issue no 18 (4 July 1964). Please note there is a crease on the lower left corner of the board and in general a little wear and tear to the left and right edges of the board just off the image as displayed.

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Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson