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Number 13 Marvel Street (Bill Lacey)
Number 13 Marvel Street - In Court (TWO pages) (Originals)

Number 13 Marvel Street - In Court (TWO pages) (Originals) by Number 13 Marvel Street (Bill Lacey) at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: Lacey13MSSet31P1 (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Bill Lacey (biography)
Medium: Inks on Acid-free Board
Size: 15" x 18" (370mm x 460mm)
Date: 1975

These are the unique original Ink drawings by Bill Lacey.

Number 13 Marvel Street was a two-page adventure comic strip that ran in the pages of Look and Learn from issue 663 to issue 706, 28th September 1974 to 26th July 1975. All episodes were drawn by the great Bill Lacey (1917 - 2000).

A young man uses a super computer to solve various spy cases, mysteries and thefts on behalf of the British Government. This is exactly the type of technology now becoming available to us through the AI developments of the modern day, around 50 years after this was written and illustrated.

Bill Lacey was responsible for a huge amount of British comic artwork including stories such as Eagles over the Western Front, Agent of the Queen, Sally Ballerina, The Man from Yesterday and Maze Master.

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Second page
Second page

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Number 13 Marvel Street (Bill Lacey)

Number 13 Marvel Street (Bill Lacey)