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Jean Giraud Moebius
Le Major (The Major) - Expanded Edition

Le Major (The Major) - Expanded Edition at The Book Palace

Ref: MOEBIUSMAJOR (click for larger picture)

Expanded 2nd Edition!

Working in a style dear to him and heavy with uncompromising improvisation, this sketchbook weaves between casual and intense graphic styles and was drawn by Moebius between 1997 and 2009.

The protagonist of this pseudo-historical story, Major Grubert, evolves both philosophically and humouristically in a context echoing the brilliant 'Inside Moebius' series.

Taking another journey through the fabulous web like world of the Airtight Garage, several guest appearances are slipped between the pages of this book, including the likes of Lorenzo Mattotti, François Avril, André Juillard, William Vance, Sylvio Cadelo, as well as Isabelle Giraud and their children, Raphaël et Nausicaä.

All Aboard!

Author: Moebius
Artist: Moebius and friends
Number of pages: 340
Format: Hard Cover; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 6" x 8" (155mm x 215mm)

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