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Fleetway Picture Library Classics
Fleetway Picture Library Classics: ROBIN HOOD (Limited Edition)
due Spring 2023

Fleetway Picture Library Classics: ROBIN HOOD (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

Ref: ROBINHOOD (cover may change)

Robin Hood from Thriller Picture Library and Robin Hood Annual.

TPL #106 RH Rescue (20pgs) Bunn
TPL #166 Lionhearts Return (30pgs) Bunn
TPL #170 Slave Raiders (20pgs) Pardo
TPL #170 Merry Venture (22pgs) Bunn
TPL #174 Roderic Faint Hearted (20pgs) Buzzelli
TPL #174 Crusaders Crescent (22pgs) Horowicz
TPL #192 Sea Raiders (20pgs) Pardo
TPL #192 Hand of Kazan (20pgs) Quinto
TPL #236 Kazar (32pgs) Paparella
TPL #255 Giant Catapult (13pgs) Watt
TPL #291 Magnificent (64pgs) Bunn
Robin Hood Annual 1957 (pgs 26, 65, 80) Nicolle
Robin Hood Annual 1960 (pgs 32, 49, 50, 64, 81, 82, 100, 101) Nicolle

Artists: Reg Bunn, Pardo, Guido Buzzelli, Horowicz, Nadir Quinto, Raffaele Paparella, John Millar Watt, Pat Nicolle
Publisher: Book Palace Books, due Spring 2023
Format: Flexi Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 6" x 8" (165mm x 215mm)

This title is due Spring 2023.